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These are some common queries in the proofreading industry.  Remember, there are no stupid questions!

I'm still unsure. How can proofreading help?
Proofreading is a popular service for those who are busy, have very large amounts of work, or simply want to hone their work, because a second pair of eyes will be able to spot mistakes far more effectively. The publishing industry uses proofreaders regularly. Probably 99% of modern books you’ve ever read have been proofread by someone, at least once.
What will my written work look like once it is returned?
If you’ve never used a proofreading service before, the finished product may seem perplexing. Our marked proofs generally consist of two parts: a red-marked copy of the work, and an attached transcript providing the proofreader’s thoughts.

Generally, work is proofread on-screen, using Word or another similar program. If you are familiar with BSI (2005) marks then we can mark the work this way, if you prefer.

Either way, a system which works best for you can be established during the quotation period, and we will use a system to mark your work which is tailored to you. If there is something within the finished proofs that you’d like to query, we’d be happy to hear back from you. Just ask, we’re happy to help.

How do I pay?
We accept bank transfers and cheques.

However, one system growing in popularity is PayPal, and we now accept standard PayPal payments. However, paying with a PayPal ‘e-cheque’ will attract a slightly higher rate because PayPal adds a small surcharge for such payments.

All the information you need will be included on your invoice, and we’re happy to discuss any specific arrangements with you.

How will my work be returned?
It’s entirely up to you. Most people work purely on-screen. However, we can work on paper and return paper proofs if requested.
I've got a problem with my returned proofs. What should I do?
Contact us.

It’s never ideal when something wasn’t quite as you expected it – but mistakes do happen. Please contact us with the problem you have and your invoice number and we will investigate.

I need to use a proofreading service regularly. Will this make a difference?
Probably, yes.

For regular users of PPS we can arrange a rate schedule for you or your company. These rates would reflect the appreciation of returning customers. Think of it as a ‘loyalty’ card, similar to your local coffee shop. We regularly work with ‘one-off’ clients, and enjoy providing helpful and constructive proofreading. However, we also value our long-term customers too, and a rate schedule would reflect this.

Enquire via email for further details at enquiries@copyeditproofread.co.uk

What's the best way to enquire?
If you would like to arrange some work then just drop us a quick email. It’s fast, and friendly.

Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01749 671 885

Handy details to mention in the message are:

  • Due date and/or a timescale – let us know what date you would like your work to be returned.
  • The type of work you would like. A basic spell/grammar check will be cheaper than a full copy-edit, for example.
  • The field/school/discipline/industry of your work. Not essential, but helpful.
  • Any special requests. No-one likes surprises!

Once we’ve seen an excerpt or draft of your work the no obligation quote can be formalised. This will be the final amount you will be invoiced for (unless circumstances change, of course) should you choose to go ahead.

Simple, eh?

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